Wishbox – Awaken your Magical Self!

I’ve been dabbling in a little randomizing app that generates images (ideally it’d generate videos but one thing at the time) from a pool of items and bodies. The theme […]



A refreshing retro-pop design for this illustrator’s portfolio, based on a free theme. Made for Louaseau: https://louaseau.com

Branding: l’Essence-Ciel

Réalisé pour la Boutique & Librairie L’Essence-Ciel


L’Essence-Ciel is an esoteric shop managed by light workers and mediums. They needed an Encyclopedia of a website. Lately, we’ve been helping with marketing coaching so they would launch online […]


This website sells reproducible activity books for teachers in Canada, from grade 1 to grade 11. This business used to sell primarily paper copies, shipped all over the country. Nowadays, […]

Ilots de Silence

This non-profit managed areas in parks, forests and other parts of different cities in Québec. Their goal was to create pockets of silence, where people could go to meditate or […]


ANO stands for L’Association des Neurotraumatisés de l’Outaouais. They were in dire need of a modern website. The new website also needed to be easier to manage for their team, […]


You may see the portfolio website I did for college back in 2013 here, though the content is outdated (French only).