This website sells reproducible activity books for teachers in Canada, from grade 1 to grade 11.

This business used to sell primarily paper copies, shipped all over the country. Nowadays, thanks to their new website, they sell the PDF version of their books, cutting the printing and shipping fees dramatically and making it easier to market and sell.

We originally did a redo of their website in 2013, but the current version was done in 2016.

The website used to be made by hand with PHP, without any CMS. In 2013, we installed WordPress and WooCommerce altogether, and within the year, Cahiers N.G. doubled their yearly income. In 2016, the business passed the threshold to the 6 digits yearly income, with a steady 20-40% yearly income increase every year.

Over the years, we also helped the business with their Email Marketing and Social Media marketing, which contributed to a significant sales and traffic increase to their website.

In June 2018, we refreshed the logo for something more professional and clean.